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Protostamps by Samwich Glassworks

Custom Stamps 15-20mm

Custom Stamps 15-20mm

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SWG can create your custom 8-15mm graphite or brass stamps for use on glass. These stamps are a versatile and and durably branding tool for your glass products, even with the small size they are the ideal stamp for small punti marks, pendants, and small signatures onto glass. All 8-15mm stamps are designed to be conical, that way they still fit all of our hardware but can make a mark as small as you need.  Remember these stamps are so small that they will be limited by complexity of design.

Due to the small size of 8-15mm branding logos and designs may need to be assessed for optimal results. Our team will work with you to be sure we include the details you need. Email us for questions about whether or not you think your logo or branding image will work.

*All stamps come with a hand turned wooded handle, with a 5/8in 16 threaded rod.  Stamps smaller than 30mm come with a 1.5in threaded rod.  Stamps larger than 30mm come with a 3in threaded rod.  If you’re ordering 30mm or smaller and would like a 3in threaded rod it is an additional $5 fee to your stamp.  


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