Meet Sam Meketon

Custom Stamps and Molds for Glass Artists

Sam Meketon is the founder and glass artist behind Protostamps by Samwich Glassworks. Sam takes pride in his craft and ensures that the fabrication has become a quintessential part of his process and has helped to streamline the creation of his art.  Whether it is building equipment or fabricating smaller projects to make his shop run more efficiently, Sam has always strived for a high level of craft. 

Protostamps began as a need to have a glass artist making stamps for other glass artists. Knowing the nature of the material gives me an advantage from other stamp makers because I can identify the strengths and weaknesses of protruded, or extruded stamps. This allows me to give my professional opinion about whether your design will register well onto the glass. The transparency of the material alone allows for the viewer to be able to see through the glass and onto the surface. Through conversation about the type of glass and use of the stamps our designs are made to fit your needs.